Career opportunity Customer Relations Staff Recruitment / Stadium City Hotel / Regional Nagasaki (Nagasaki)

Customer Relations Staff Recruitment / Stadium City Hotel / Regional Nagasaki (Nagasaki)


Nagasaki - Nagasaki
¥219,600〜¥311,600 (Monthly)
Recruitment industry
Receptionist Staff, Reservation Staff, Hotel Business Development
Employment status

Job description

  • Handle transactions with VIP and international guests (check-in/check-out procedures, luggage storage/transportation arrangements, taxi arrangements, transportation information, etc.)
  • Plan business improvements to enhance customer satisfaction



  • Individuals with experience in the tourism and hospitality industry
  • Individuals who can speak English or Chinese at a business level


  • Individuals with experience in customer relations or as a concierge
  • Individuals with management experience
  • Proficiency in using Excel and PowerPoint


  • Comprehensive social insurance (health insurance, employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance, welfare pension)
  • Various allowances (overtime allowance/travel allowance/family allowance/position allowance, etc.)
  • Special qualification allowances (for lawyers, certified public accountants, social insurance and labor consultants, small business diagnosticians)
  • Pension system
  • Regular health check-ups (optional health examinations fully covered by the company)
  • Employee discount system
  • Internal training (job-specific training, rank-specific training, mentor system, etc.)
  • Internal library
  • Employee training trips (starting from the second year after joining the company)
  • Lunch support system (5 free lunches per month)

Work time

  • Shift system
  • 8 hours of actual work / 1 hour break


7-1 Saiwaicho - Nagasaki Nagasaki