Career opportunity [No Experience Required] Cruise Travel Attendant Job / Japanet Communications (Fukuoka Prefecture)

[No Experience Required] Cruise Travel Attendant Job / Japanet Communications (Fukuoka Prefecture)


Job description

■ Accompany approximately 10 trips around Japan and Korea per year / Allowance for attendance

As a cruise attendant for Japanet Cruises, which operates around 10 times a year, you will be responsible for supporting our customers.

When not attending cruises, you will handle office tasks such as booking reservations for cruises and sending documents.

■ Job Description

Attendant Duties:

  • Accompany cruises for 10 days per trip, around 8 times a year.
  • Provide customer service at the onboard service counter, using tablets to offer smooth and accurate information.
  • Patrol the onboard floors.
  • Guide customers on onboard tours and events.
  • Direct onboard events.
  • Support sightseeing at port destinations.

Office Duties (when not attending):

  • Handle phone inquiries and reservations for cruise trips.
  • Send documents and other related tasks.


No experience required, second new graduates welcome, and employment gaps are okay!

We welcome candidates with customer service experience.

Our employees come from various backgrounds such as apparel sales, restaurant staff, hotel and travel industry, sales, estheticians, dental assistants, and care staff. If you prioritize hospitality and want to make customers happy, we highly welcome individuals who want to utilize their communication skills!

■ Additional Benefits

  • Full social insurance coverage.
  • Overtime allowance.
  • Night shift allowance.
  • Holiday allowance.
  • Free meals onboard (including on days off).
  • Personal rooms similar to hotel rooms assigned to each staff member.

Join us at Japanet Communications and help create unforgettable experiences for our cruise guests!


  • Full social insurance coverage.
  • Transportation allowance (up to 30,000 yen per month).
  • Overtime allowance (calculated by the minute).
  • Position allowance.
  • Length of service pay.
  • Qualification allowance (celebration money from 3,000 yen to 10,000 yen).
  • Qualification acquisition support system (partial company coverage of course fees).
  • Family allowance (5,000 yen for spouse, 10,000 yen for children under 18, 15,000 yen for those requiring care per month).
  • Birth celebration money (100,000 yen for the third child, 300,000 yen for the fourth, 500,000 yen for the fifth, and 1,000,000 yen for the sixth and subsequent children).

Work Environment:

  • Employee cafeteria (half price when working in the office).
  • Meal subsidy (5 free meals per month).
  • Free meals onboard during cruises.
  • Equipped break room.
  • Childcare services (weekends and holidays only, available for 300 yen per day, with a monitor to see your child's status).
  • On-site occupational physician and health nurse.
  • Employee discounts on product purchases.
  • Celebration gifts for weddings, births, and other special occasions.
  • "Happy Meal" system (luxurious meal or souvenir gift during birth month).
  • Company-paid health check-ups (including free cancer screening options).
  • Lottery distribution of sports event tickets.
  • Events for distributing sweets, online year-end parties, and more.

Work time



博多リバレイン - 福岡市博多区下川端町 3-1 Fukuoka